Perhaps the most important thing we can say about ourselves is that we own and operate a number of leisure properties ourselves. We know what it means to invest in and run leisure properties, and understand how the right management service can contribute to the value of your leisure investment.

How we work

  • We’re a family –owned company with twenty years experience in the Southern African travel industry. 
  • We’re down-to-earth professionals, working to high standards of professionalism without being showy or pretentious, or hiding behind slick jargon. 
  • Our Head Offices in Port Elizabeth operates from a complex which includes one of our most successful leisure and business developments - a twenty-four room leisure property, three busy conference rooms and a restaurant. Our other Head Office in Cape Town has no corporate veils: visiting our offices is an immersion into who we are and what we do.
  • Each of our own properties has its own distinct character, as do the properties we manage. Our management services are not about replicating ‘vanilla’ products, but about delivering a consistent level of service and guest experience across a variety of properties, while fostering good business practice across the portfolio.

Our Goal

  • Lion Roars Management Service partners with equity owners to create leisure destinations of distinction, delivering a consistently luxurious experience and exceeding service expectations, within expenditure targets. We aim to achieve outstanding, sustained growth by building stable and robust operational systems.

Why partner with us?

  • We’re whole-picture partners: we have first-hand knowledge and experience of the organisational structures and processes behind a leisure operation. We also understand that these are representations of a far more complex, integrated reality. Back-office staff members have just as big a contribution to make to our guest experience as front-of-house staff. A sales process relies just as much on our on-site game rangers and our Head Office receptionist, as it does on our Sales Manager. Our method and practice recognise and foster a direct connection between the work of every person in the organisation and our core goal of creating great guest experiences within a robust and sustainable business system.
  • We're flexible: We don’t have layers of management and complicated approval processes. Given a choice we talk to each other instead of emailing. We all operate across different functional roles when we need to. Our flat and flexible structure mobilises quickly in the face of urgent market demands.
  • We're high-performance: Lion Roars is a tightly-integrated, high-performance team aiming for continuous improvement. We continuously evaluate and respond to key measurements through the efforts of a non – hierarchical, fluid and highly motivated team.
  • We build brands: Lion Roars has considerable media presence in web, radio, TV, and print media. In addition, a busy schedule of local and international marketing trips contribute to strong local and international brand presence. In the end, though, it’s word-of-mouth and repeat business that has made us strong: the experiences guests have at our destinations is our best marketing by far.

What do we deliver?

Product Development Consultancy

  • We work with you to define the guest experience you want to create, and to align your accommodation, furnishings & fittings, equipment, systems and staff capability to achieve this.


  • Robust, tried and tested leisure property management software and systems
  • Experienced, skilled and innovative business management team
  • Standard operating procedures, tools and training
  • Head Office in Port Elizabeth
  • Human resources support
  • Staff rotation and development across properties


  • Offices and representatives in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Cape Town and United Kingdom. 
  • Representation on the Lion Roars Group website
  • Individual property websites (see, for example,, 
  • Representation in the Lion Roars Group brochure (quarterly) at the next printing. This is an A5-booklet style, high-quality publication. We’ll provide layouts and copy for your approval.
  • Individual property brochures as required. We’ll provide layouts and copy for your approval. 
  • Inclusion in on-site marketing at each of our properties and affiliate properties.

Trade Show Participation

  • The Lion Roars Group has a busy schedule of local and international trade shows. Among others, we regularly participate in INDABA, Vakantie Beurs Holland, ITB Berlin, World Travel Market. Partner properties are represented at a group level at these shows. 
  • We also attend a number of local and international workshops: SA Tourism Workshops, SATOUR Scandinavia, SATOUR India, SATOUR South America. 
  • The Lion Roars Sales Team also conducts regular local sales road shows.


  • Dedicated direct sales efforts through our existing sales offices & representatives in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Cape Town, Johannesburg and the United Kingdom.

Public Relations

  • Assist with formulation of press releases for your property.
  • Submit copy for inclusion of your property in group press releases for your approval.Include your property in peripheral marketing at Group social responsibility events and press events.
  • Advertising
  • Joint advertising opportunities are offered to our partners to participate in our brand exposure.


  • Direct web links to individual property sites from and from individual property sites to online booking system.
  • Individual property contact information in all printed pieces.
  • Incorporation into our reservations infrastructure: central reservations.
  • We operate on the SEMPER platform and can provide central reservations services as well as access to the Global Distribution System.

Contact us

Email Kevin Bailey at to talk to us about your property. Or call us on +27 (0)21 424 1530.

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